Talks // Project

12.01.23 //

Illustrator Caitlin Kuhwald talks about the LA Banner she created for the LA Times newsstand at the Original Farmer’s Market.

10.19.23 //

Storyboard artist Alex Quintas shares her ongoing comic series that explores mental health and uncertainty for artists in today’s world.

09.29.23 //

Creative Director Faraz Warsi tells us all about introducing 3D pens to the world.

Monica Obaga 04.27.23 //

Illustrator and graphic designer Monica Obaga shares the Flame Tree pattern, a part of the Nanga Textile project by The Nest Collective, Nairobi.

Kateri Lirio 03.09.23 //

Teaching Artist Kateri Lirio shares how to shape creative, neurodivergent minds through technology.

Mo McMasters 02.16.23 //

Illustrator Mo McMasters shares the development for their most ambitious project yet: designing their own tarot deck.

06.09.22 //

Artist-designer Schessa Garbutt shares their projects collaborating with a robot (an Axidraw v3) to create patterns and art prints that look hand-drawn.

03.10.22 //

Author-musician Rich Kirkpatrick shares about his upcoming book about the creative process—MINDBLOWN: Unlock Your Creative Genius by Bridging Science and Magic.

Suzanne Strong 12.09.21 //

Photographer & Creative Director Suzanne Strong talks about bringing inclusive and diverse images into the contemporary stock photography space.

Ricky De Los Angeles 11.18.21 //

Character Designer Ricky De Los Angeles shares the journey of making his first self-published art book, “Dibujitos,” from concept to reality, and lessons learned along the way.

Kacie Lees 07.22.21 //

Neon artist Kacie Lees presents a behind the scenes look at the making of ‘Neon Primer: A Handbook on Light Construction’

05.13.21 //

Head of Entertainment Davide Bianca discusses how his team built a first-of-its-kind digital art museum in the age of COVID.

Ian Markiewicz VFX 01.16.20 //

Visual effects supervisor Ian Markiewicz discusses how the VFX team on the TV series Krypton brought iconic comic book villains to life.

Rex Weiner 12.12.19 //

Editor/author/journalist Rex Weiner discusses how writing about what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling today can change your tomorrow.

William Belk 11.14.19 //

Product designer William Belk shares his new ultralight bag line and explores the idea that creative people have a massive competitive advantage in bringing new products to market.

Filmmaker Stephen Nolly 10.17.19 //

Filmmaker Stephen Nolly discusses his current project CHILMARK, about a murder in the Deaf community.

Laura Jay Designer 09.19.19 //

Illustrator/Graphic Designer Laura Jay shares an illustrated map she created of the West Adams District.

Weiko Lin 07.18.19 //

Author / screenwriter Weiko Lin shares his publishing journey of his debut book Crazy Screenwriting Secrets: How to Capture a Global Audience.

Ani Pandit 06.13.19 //

Amateur filmmaker Ani Pandit presents a case study on making an independent film (The Mad Ones) in Los Angeles in the 2010s.

David Braun Creative Director 05.16.19 //

Creative director David Braun shares a look into his kaleidoscopic, Steamboat Willie-inspired animated project, Psycho Psalms.

04.18.19 //

Interior Designer Kerry Vasquez shares a post modern collaboration with a client that was dubbed “Maximalist Minimalism.”

03.14.19 //

Illustrator Megan Roy shares her interactive, self-published children’s book Can You Do This?

02.21.19 //

Photographer Sasha Tivetsky talks about her project Grandma Luda and the importance of photographing family.

11.15.18 //

Designer and animation director Daniel Savage shares “how does it go?”, a new zine about playing music.

09.20.18 //

Filmmaker Colin Levy presents his NYT Op-Doc My Grandfather’s Memory Book, and the inspiration for making it.

08.23.18 //

Writer Sanjay Nambiar shares his children’s books series The Super Amazing Princess Heroes & A Little Zen for Little Ones.

07.12.18 //

Illustrator Audrey Lee walks through her process and creative drive for a selection of projects, including her work for Get it Girl Collective – a female centric collective.

06.14.18 //

Entrepreneur Melissa Schulman shares her experience opening the first all vegan and organic frozen yogurt store in Los Angeles.

05.17.18 //

Comedian and filmmaker Kiran Deol shares her experience directing the film American Haze for the Sundance channel.

02.27.18 //

Writer / director Matthew Manson shares what he learned about faking it til you make it from his first big commercial project.

12.05.17 //

Women in Film manager of operations Maikiko James shares progress on the WIF Help Line which addresses sexual harassment and gender inequality in Hollywood.

09.26.17 //

Filmmaker James Darling shares “The Quantum Supremacy”, a documentary he is directing about the emerging field of Quantum Computing.

09.12.17 //

Graphic artist Josh Siegel shares “Serving Pride: The Queer History Dinner Party Handbook,” which he is art directing.