Talks // Lesson

09.29.23 //

Librarian Robin M. Katz shares what she learned making a short explainer video about archives.

08.31.23 //

Therapist Ariel Hirsch shares how she used The Artist’s Way to support her mental health.

Commercial photographer & filmmaker Alex Frankel 06.23.23 //

Commercial photographer & filmmaker Alex Frankel shares what he’s learned about the value of the creative personal project in keeping your creative chops strong, digging yourself out of a rut, and finding new work.

Tristan Blaine 04.27.23 //

Lawyer and author Tristan Blaine shares what creative freelancers and small business owners need to know about law and taxes.

03.09.23 //

Color Designer Sam Kestin shares what they’ve learned about Color Theory.

05.12.22 //

Photographer and Creative Director Aldo Chacon shares how making things all the time allows you to become more aware of your unique creative voice.

03.10.22 //

Painter/Designer for Animation Susan Yung share’s what they’ve learned about being a lead in a creative position, and some life lessons that came with it.

01.13.22 //

Self-taught colorist Anastasia Shepherd teaches you how to be a self-taught film colorist REALLY FAST.

Lala Watkins 12.09.21 //

KidLit Illustrator & Author Lala Watkins shares what they’ve learned about becoming better creatively thru crying, good vibes, and hugging yourself a little extra to be who you always meant to continue becoming

tracy stone 11.18.21 //

Architect Tracy Stone shares how she faced down an ethical dilemma and made peace with her response.

Greg Gunn 09.18.21 //

Creative director Greg Gunn shares what he’s learned about hitting your creative peak.

04.15.21 //

Storyteller/Producer Beowulf Jones shares what he’s learned about navigating the creative process while living with mental illness and depression.

Rohini Chandra 02.13.20 //

Actor-Singer (and more) Rohini Chandra shares what she’s learned about becoming a “multi- hyphenate.”

D'arby Rose 01.16.20 //

Filmmaker and artist D’arby Rose shares her mental heath breakdown to breakthrough and how the experience now helps her protect herself in all aspects of life.

David Deutsch composer 12.12.19 //

Film composer David Deutsch shares what he’s learned about being a freelancer, working with teams, and how to be the best possible creative you.

Lyn Johnson 11.14.19 //

Co-founder Lyn Johnson shares what she’s learned about women in (and out) of the workforce – and how her digital marketplace company is championing the home-based business.

Tristan Blaine attorney 10.17.19 //

Lawyer and author Tristan Blaine discusses what creatives (and everyone else) should know about the law.

West Liang 09.19.19 //

Filmmaker West Liang discusses what he’s learned about drawing useful skills from unexpected paths.

Mitchell Pumar 07.18.19 //

Mathematics Professor Mitchell Pumar shares what he’s learned about math disposition, anxiety, and creativity over the course of his eight-year teaching career.

Handel Eugene Motion Designer 06.13.19 //

Motion designer Handel Eugene shares his experience with prioritizing the process vs the reward.

05.16.19 //

Recovering academic and current camp director Reuben Posner shares how he’s come to understand the meaning of the word “good” and its relationship to success and failure.

03.14.19 //

Filmmaker Angie Comer discusses what she learned about herself and her approach while directing The R Word.

02.21.19 //

Freelance writer Brenda Gazzar shares how she is aligning her life – both personal and professional – with her inner truth.

12.13.18 //

Creativity Launch Coach Paul Sanbar discusses the neuroscience of new habit formation and how rituals or routines can support your creative process and flow.

11.15.18 //

Designer/animator Sara Liberatore discusses what she’s learned about using color theory to unite your social and creative identities.

09.20.18 //

Illustrator Mikey Burton shares what he’s learned about what it takes to stay motivated and relevant the further you go in your career.

08.23.18 //

Artist Jillian Evelyn discusses what she’s learned about patience and the importance of listening to your art gut.

07.12.18 //

Creative Mauro Gatti shares how important it is to develop your own creative voice and to talk about the things you love without getting too comfortable with your own work.

06.14.18 //

Financial coach Roland Menchell shares what he’s learned about how creative folks can put their money to work for them.

05.17.18 //

Creative coach and spiritual director Brian Patacca shares what he’s learned about the illogic of finding your life purpose.

03.20.18 //

New Angeleno Arnab Mukherjee discusses what he learned while packing up and moving across the country.

01.09.18 //

Photographer/comedy producer Katherine Leon shares what she’s learned about how self-doubt can fuel creativity.

12.05.17 //

Screenwriter Brett Scieszka shares the value of creative hobbies and side projects in enriching your work.

11.14.17 //

Writer/director Molly Green shares what she’s learned about mastering Q&A sessions.

10.17.17 //

Group facilitator Jason Lange discusses what he’s learned about the art of interpersonal connection

09.26.17 //

Actor and former multi-hyphenate Gita Reddy discusses how context is everything, and how not to forget that in any context.

09.12.17 //

Archivist Robin M. Katz discusses what she’s learned about protecting your time and how to say no.

08.27.17 //

Screenwriter Shauna McGarry discusses what she’s learned about creative fulfillment vs. financial autonomy.