Creative Neighbors: Speaker Details

01. Getting Started

We’re so excited to have you give a talk at Creative Neighbors.

Let’s fill out this quick form so we have all your basic info.


02. Pick a Segment

All CN talks fit into one of four segments.

Select the one you’re interested in.

Segments are first-come, first-served – but with a spare, you’ll always have a choice.

We’ll let you know what’s no longer available.

Something you finished or are working on.

What have you learned that would help others?

The details! How do you do what you do?

Someone / something you’re really into.

03. Write Your Blurb

Once you’re scheduled and have a segment, we’ll need to write a blurb to start promoting your talk.

Here’s the general formula for each segment:

[Your title/descriptor] [your name] shares/presents ____________.

[Your title/descriptor] [your name] gives insight into how____________.

[Your title/descriptor] [your name] shares what they’ve learned about ____________.

[Your title/descriptor] [your name] is really into ____________.

You can see lots more examples from past talks here.

Email your blurb to


Creative Crush // Director and Writer Tiffany Frances shares a few of the tools she loves to use in storytelling.

Lesson // Photographer and Creative Director Aldo Chacon shares how making things all the time allows you to become more aware of your unique creative voice.

Process // Writer-actor-producer Chandra Thomas gives insight into working as a writer in a television writers’ room.

Project // Neon artist Kacie Lees presents a behind the scenes look at the making of ‘Neon Primer: A Handbook on Light Construction’

04. A Short Bio & Headshot

To promote your talk in our newsletter and on social media, we’ll need:

A short bio.
1-2 sentences max.

A headshot.
Nothing too fancy needed, but the pics that work best have:

• Subject looking at the camera
• Face well-lit and centered
• Simple, clean background (Avoid trees and busy patterns)
• Contrast between subject and background

Images will be converted to B&W and tinted with minor corrections to help them match the CN brand.

We can make most photos work, but it’s helpful to think about these guidelines when choosing a headshot.

Email your bio and headshot to

Face not well-lit
Poor background contrast
Muddy final image

Face brighter
Good background contrast
Clear final image

05. Your Presentation

Now that you know what your talk is about, it’s time to plan it!

CN is casual and relaxed. We’re all here to support you and have a nice night together!

Here are some tips to remember:

• The best talks are 8-10 minutes long — time yourself in advance.

• Slides are optional, but they do help focus attention.

• Don’t read your slides. They are best when they act as visual support — not as a teleprompter.

• If you do need notes, you won’t be able to see them on the computer. Phones are bleh, paper is ok, and index cards work best.

 • In the end, have fun and do what works best for you!


We’ll add each speaker’s slides to a master slideshow.

Please upload your slides to this Dropbox folder >

Preferred file format:
Keynote or Powerpoint file — 16:9 aspect ratio

Alt: Individual slide images — not PDFs.
In this case, title each individual image file with your name, and number it in the order you want it to appear:

Example: beyonce_01.jpg, beyonce_02.gif, beyonce_03.xls

No video, please.
Unfortunately, video and audio do not work well at our venue. 😭

We’ve tried and tried and it never works out well.

We highly recommend using screenshots or animated gifs instead.

Please upload your slides no later than 2 days before the event.

Issues, problems, questions?
We’re here to help! Send an email to:

06. The Event

Get Your Tickets
If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, please do so here:
Creative Neighbors on Eventbrite

Yes, even speakers (it helps us track our attendee count). Yay, analytics!

Arrival Time
Please arrive a little early, around 6:45pm

We’ll take your photo, review the slides, and give you your drink ticket (thanks, Frogtown!) before folks start wandering in.

The event starts at 7pm. The first talk will start around 7:45ish.

If you can, please try to stick around for all the other speakers’ talks.

We take breaks for socializing/ pizza / beer between talks.

Frogtown closes and we wrap up around 10pm.

Bring your own cheering section 🤩
Remember to invite a friend or three for support and to build community!

You can share and tag us on:
Twitter @creativenabes
Instagram @creativeneighbors
Facebook /creativeneighborsla

Thank you again for speaking!

 We’re super excited to be building this community and we’re so glad that you’re part of it!

❤️  Robin and Josh