At our events each month, three people give short talks about a project they’ve done or are working on, their process of how they do their work, a lesson they have learned, or a creative crush - someone or something that inspires them.

12.01.23 //

Sr. Brand/Digital Designer Ben Harthun dives into his creative crush on Cinema4D and how it enables him to stay both curious and creative.

12.01.23 //

Illustrator Caitlin Kuhwald talks about the LA Banner she created for the LA Times newsstand at the Original Farmer’s Market.

12.01.23 //

Designer & Illustrator Jess Miller gives insight into owning and operating her own creative business.

10.19.23 //

Storyboard artist Alex Quintas shares her ongoing comic series that explores mental health and uncertainty for artists in today’s world.

10.19.23 //

Editor Guy Handelman gives insight into how a best-selling picture book was adapted into an award-winning animated television series.

09.29.23 //

Creative Director Faraz Warsi tells us all about introducing 3D pens to the world.

09.29.23 //

Librarian Robin M. Katz shares what she learned making a short explainer video about archives.

09.29.23 //

Art Director/Brand & Graphic Designer Niralee Kamdar gives insight into the transformative journey of nurturing a brand from concept to reality.

08.31.23 //

Therapist Ariel Hirsch shares how she used The Artist’s Way to support her mental health.

08.31.23 //

Producer/composer Stratøs gives insight into producing his third studio album.

Commercial photographer & filmmaker Alex Frankel 06.23.23 //

Commercial photographer & filmmaker Alex Frankel shares what he’s learned about the value of the creative personal project in keeping your creative chops strong, digging yourself out of a rut, and finding new work.

Tristan Blaine 04.27.23 //

Lawyer and author Tristan Blaine shares what creative freelancers and small business owners need to know about law and taxes.

Monica Obaga 04.27.23 //

Illustrator and graphic designer Monica Obaga shares the Flame Tree pattern, a part of the Nanga Textile project by The Nest Collective, Nairobi.

04.27.23 //

Designer and filmmaker Josh Shayne shares what he’s doing to be more visible to clients and audiences — even though it’s really hard for him.

Natalie Center 03.09.23 //

Illustrator and risographer Natalie Center discusses the risograph printing process: it’s like if silkscreen and a Xerox printer had a baby.

Kateri Lirio 03.09.23 //

Teaching Artist Kateri Lirio shares how to shape creative, neurodivergent minds through technology.

03.09.23 //

Color Designer Sam Kestin shares what they’ve learned about Color Theory.

Satish Goda 02.16.23 //

Animation technical director Satish Goda is really into Blender Studio’s open short film Charge and shares how it has improved his work.

Mo McMasters 02.16.23 //

Illustrator Mo McMasters shares the development for their most ambitious project yet: designing their own tarot deck.

Mark Melara 02.16.23 //

Writer/producer Mark Melara gives insight into how a TV pitch is sold.

06.09.22 //

Artist-designer Schessa Garbutt shares their projects collaborating with a robot (an Axidraw v3) to create patterns and art prints that look hand-drawn.

06.09.22 //

Illustrator Ellie Cota shares how her childhood shaped her intuitive cat drawings.

05.12.22 //

Producer Liz Maupin gives insight into creating a documentary that uncovers the dark truths surrounding a secretive, nameless cult that traumatized her.

05.12.22 //

Photographer and Creative Director Aldo Chacon shares how making things all the time allows you to become more aware of your unique creative voice.

04.07.22 //

Journalist and filmmaker Allison Norlian shares how starting a documentary production company is helping her to change the way the world views disability.

03.10.22 //

Author-musician Rich Kirkpatrick shares about his upcoming book about the creative process—MINDBLOWN: Unlock Your Creative Genius by Bridging Science and Magic.

03.10.22 //

Painter/Designer for Animation Susan Yung share’s what they’ve learned about being a lead in a creative position, and some life lessons that came with it.

01.13.22 //

Self-taught colorist Anastasia Shepherd teaches you how to be a self-taught film colorist REALLY FAST.

Suzanne Strong 12.09.21 //

Photographer & Creative Director Suzanne Strong talks about bringing inclusive and diverse images into the contemporary stock photography space.

Lala Watkins 12.09.21 //

KidLit Illustrator & Author Lala Watkins shares what they’ve learned about becoming better creatively thru crying, good vibes, and hugging yourself a little extra to be who you always meant to continue becoming

Mo McMasters 12.09.21 //

Character designer and illustrator Mo McMasters gives insight into how risograph printing transformed their creative practice.

tracy stone 11.18.21 //

Architect Tracy Stone shares how she faced down an ethical dilemma and made peace with her response.

Ricky De Los Angeles 11.18.21 //

Character Designer Ricky De Los Angeles shares the journey of making his first self-published art book, “Dibujitos,” from concept to reality, and lessons learned along the way.

Mark Melara 10.28.21 //

Screenwriter Mark Melara shares what he’s learned about pitching (and almost selling) an animated series.

Chandra Thomas 10.28.21 //

Writer-actor-producer Chandra Thomas gives insight into working as a writer in a television writers’ room.

Greg Gunn 09.18.21 //

Creative director Greg Gunn shares what he’s learned about hitting your creative peak.

Traci Larson 09.18.21 //

Designer Traci Larson shares how a dance company shakes things up with books in response to the pandemic.

Kacie Lees 07.22.21 //

Neon artist Kacie Lees presents a behind the scenes look at the making of ‘Neon Primer: A Handbook on Light Construction’

07.22.21 //

Rare book cataloger Gabe Angulo gives insight into how he describes collections for the Huntington Library.

05.13.21 //

Head of Entertainment Davide Bianca discusses how his team built a first-of-its-kind digital art museum in the age of COVID.

05.13.21 //

VP of Stories & Voices Deborah Pardes gives insight into how using your voice in social audio ups your brand mojo – personally and/or professionally.

04.15.21 //

Supervising Animator Ravi Kamble Govind shares his understanding and mindset as an animator to illustrate how he brings characters to life through motion and emotion.

04.15.21 //

Storyteller/Producer Beowulf Jones shares what he’s learned about navigating the creative process while living with mental illness and depression.

Caroline Torén 02.13.20 //

Founder of Refolda, Caroline Torén, talks about gender-blind design at home and in our communities, and how to apply a gender lens to operations to increase impact while advancing gender equality.

Rohini Chandra 02.13.20 //

Actor-Singer (and more) Rohini Chandra shares what she’s learned about becoming a “multi- hyphenate.”

Katie Featherston 01.16.20 //

Actress/storyteller/filmmaker Katie Featherston gives insight into letting go of labels and embracing the fullness of your creativity.

D'arby Rose 01.16.20 //

Filmmaker and artist D’arby Rose shares her mental heath breakdown to breakthrough and how the experience now helps her protect herself in all aspects of life.

Ian Markiewicz VFX 01.16.20 //

Visual effects supervisor Ian Markiewicz discusses how the VFX team on the TV series Krypton brought iconic comic book villains to life.

Rex Weiner 12.12.19 //

Editor/author/journalist Rex Weiner discusses how writing about what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling today can change your tomorrow.

David Deutsch composer 12.12.19 //

Film composer David Deutsch shares what he’s learned about being a freelancer, working with teams, and how to be the best possible creative you.

Josh Shayne Good Worker 12.12.19 //

Filmmaker Josh Shayne is really into sharing the things you love with others and showcases his own weekly newsletter that spotlights funny people working in comedy.

Lyn Johnson 11.14.19 //

Co-founder Lyn Johnson shares what she’s learned about women in (and out) of the workforce – and how her digital marketplace company is championing the home-based business.

William Belk 11.14.19 //

Product designer William Belk shares his new ultralight bag line and explores the idea that creative people have a massive competitive advantage in bringing new products to market.

Tristan Blaine attorney 10.17.19 //

Lawyer and author Tristan Blaine discusses what creatives (and everyone else) should know about the law.

Filmmaker Stephen Nolly 10.17.19 //

Filmmaker Stephen Nolly discusses his current project CHILMARK, about a murder in the Deaf community.

West Liang 09.19.19 //

Filmmaker West Liang discusses what he’s learned about drawing useful skills from unexpected paths.

Laura Jay Designer 09.19.19 //

Illustrator/Graphic Designer Laura Jay shares an illustrated map she created of the West Adams District.

Tilly Hinton 09.19.19 //

Expert question-asker Tilly Hinton develops your power to understand complex terrains through the simplest questions.

Josh Spector 08.22.19 //

Audience growth strategist Josh Spector shares how he used a blog post and $100 in Facebook ads to land multiple new clients in a week.

Satish Goda 08.22.19 //

Animation technical director Satish Goda shares some of the tools he loves to use to bring ideas to life.

Weiko Lin 07.18.19 //

Author / screenwriter Weiko Lin shares his publishing journey of his debut book Crazy Screenwriting Secrets: How to Capture a Global Audience.

Mitchell Pumar 07.18.19 //

Mathematics Professor Mitchell Pumar shares what he’s learned about math disposition, anxiety, and creativity over the course of his eight-year teaching career.

Héloïse Chung 07.18.19 //

Writer and Director Héloïse Chung shares how being bad at ceramics made her better at writing.

Kate Krieger 06.13.19 //

Filmmaker Kate Krieger gives insight into how she developed a character that she later expanded into a pilot.

Handel Eugene Motion Designer 06.13.19 //

Motion designer Handel Eugene shares his experience with prioritizing the process vs the reward.

Ani Pandit 06.13.19 //

Amateur filmmaker Ani Pandit presents a case study on making an independent film (The Mad Ones) in Los Angeles in the 2010s.

05.16.19 //

Recovering academic and current camp director Reuben Posner shares how he’s come to understand the meaning of the word “good” and its relationship to success and failure.

David Braun Creative Director 05.16.19 //

Creative director David Braun shares a look into his kaleidoscopic, Steamboat Willie-inspired animated project, Psycho Psalms.

04.18.19 //

Interior Designer Kerry Vasquez shares a post modern collaboration with a client that was dubbed “Maximalist Minimalism.”

03.14.19 //

Artist Billy Kheel explains how he uses modern fabrication machines to create old fashioned craft projects.

03.14.19 //

Filmmaker Angie Comer discusses what she learned about herself and her approach while directing The R Word.

03.14.19 //

Illustrator Megan Roy shares her interactive, self-published children’s book Can You Do This?

02.21.19 //

Photographer Sasha Tivetsky talks about her project Grandma Luda and the importance of photographing family.

02.21.19 //

Freelance writer Brenda Gazzar shares how she is aligning her life – both personal and professional – with her inner truth.

12.13.18 //

Storyteller/Producer Beowulf Jones discusses how he reduces self-doubt and faces fears in the creative process.

12.13.18 //

Creativity Launch Coach Paul Sanbar discusses the neuroscience of new habit formation and how rituals or routines can support your creative process and flow.

11.15.18 //

Designer and animation director Daniel Savage shares “how does it go?”, a new zine about playing music.

11.15.18 //

Designer/animator Sara Liberatore discusses what she’s learned about using color theory to unite your social and creative identities.

09.20.18 //

Illustrator Mikey Burton shares what he’s learned about what it takes to stay motivated and relevant the further you go in your career.

09.20.18 //

Writer/Performer Krysta Gonzales discusses the process of using the voice to develop a character.

09.20.18 //

Filmmaker Colin Levy presents his NYT Op-Doc My Grandfather’s Memory Book, and the inspiration for making it.

08.23.18 //

Writer Sanjay Nambiar shares his children’s books series The Super Amazing Princess Heroes & A Little Zen for Little Ones.

08.23.18 //

Architects Bo Sundius & Hisako Ichiki explain how they design for living small and showcase an accessory dwelling prototype for new California living.

08.23.18 //

Architects Bo Sundius & Hisako Ichiki explain how they design for living small and showcase an accessory dwelling prototype for new California living.

08.23.18 //

Artist Jillian Evelyn discusses what she’s learned about patience and the importance of listening to your art gut.

07.12.18 //

Contemporary visual artist and educator April Bey discusses her studio practice which involves world travel connecting her Bahamian upbringing and West African research.

07.12.18 //

Creative Mauro Gatti shares how important it is to develop your own creative voice and to talk about the things you love without getting too comfortable with your own work.

07.12.18 //

Illustrator Audrey Lee walks through her process and creative drive for a selection of projects, including her work for Get it Girl Collective – a female centric collective.

06.14.18 //

Brewmaster Stephen Kooshian gives insight into how Pacific Plate artfully crafts unique beers through a marriage of traditional and Latino ingredients.

06.14.18 //

Entrepreneur Melissa Schulman shares her experience opening the first all vegan and organic frozen yogurt store in Los Angeles.

06.14.18 //

Financial coach Roland Menchell shares what he’s learned about how creative folks can put their money to work for them.

05.17.18 //

Creative coach and spiritual director Brian Patacca shares what he’s learned about the illogic of finding your life purpose.

05.17.18 //

Comedian and filmmaker Kiran Deol shares her experience directing the film American Haze for the Sundance channel.

05.17.18 //

Writer/director Stephen Nolly gives insight into premise and character and how to find the heart of your story.

03.20.18 //

Photo retoucher Erica Torres-Ness explains her take on “natural beauty retouching” and makes the case for bringing back some wrinkles.

03.20.18 //

New Angeleno Arnab Mukherjee discusses what he learned while packing up and moving across the country.

02.27.18 //

Documentary producer Rebecca Breithaupt demystifies networking and gives insight into the importance of community in her industry.

02.27.18 //

Writer / director Matthew Manson shares what he learned about faking it til you make it from his first big commercial project.

01.09.18 //

Professional creative person Josh Shayne gives insight into how meeting regularly with an accountability buddy has helped him make progress in work and in life.

01.09.18 //

Photographer/comedy producer Katherine Leon shares what she’s learned about how self-doubt can fuel creativity.

12.05.17 //

Screenwriter Brett Scieszka shares the value of creative hobbies and side projects in enriching your work.

12.05.17 //

Writer/director Sarovar Banka gives insight into how he learned that filmmaking is a vortex.

12.05.17 //

Women in Film manager of operations Maikiko James shares progress on the WIF Help Line which addresses sexual harassment and gender inequality in Hollywood.

11.14.17 //

Writer/director Molly Green shares what she’s learned about mastering Q&A sessions.

11.14.17 //

Documentary filmmaker Graham High gives insight into how he used available resources to create and inform an independent mini-doc web series on empathetic listening.

10.17.17 //

Brewmaster Stephen Kooshian gives insight into how Pacific Plate artfully crafts unique beers through a marriage of traditional and Latino ingredients.

10.17.17 //

Group facilitator Jason Lange discusses what he’s learned about the art of interpersonal connection

09.26.17 //

Lapsed scientist David Medovoy is really into this small metal elephant.

09.26.17 //

Filmmaker James Darling shares “The Quantum Supremacy”, a documentary he is directing about the emerging field of Quantum Computing.

09.26.17 //

Actor and former multi-hyphenate Gita Reddy discusses how context is everything, and how not to forget that in any context.

09.12.17 //

Publicist Sabrina Dax gives insight into how she gets media attention for her clients.

09.12.17 //

Archivist Robin M. Katz discusses what she’s learned about protecting your time and how to say no.

09.12.17 //

Graphic artist Josh Siegel shares “Serving Pride: The Queer History Dinner Party Handbook,” which he is art directing.

08.29.17 //

Composer Erik Desiderio gives insight into how he channels his creativity to compose music for a scene.

08.27.17 //

Screenwriter Shauna McGarry discusses what she’s learned about creative fulfillment vs. financial autonomy.